After months of endless design and market testing the new Five Star Perforator was launched in January of 2013.   After finding a void in the current cigar cutter and punch market, we saw the opportunity to create a perforator that not only expanded on the traditional techniques of the three designs but eliminated the flaws that we found in them. As cigar smokers, we have all found the need to constantly replace our aerating tools but there was nothing available that could give us the quality, precision and durability during regular use at a reasonable price. Which would you choose!                                           Cutter      vs      Perforator A better alternative to traditional cigar cutters and punches.
Five Star Perforator is made in the United States                                       Privacy / Payment Policy                                                2013  created by BCS
IVE ST   R Perforator Taste the draw

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FREE SHIPPING Free shipping on orders in the continental USA. We process and ship orders promptly with exception of  engraving orders that may take longer due to graphic  and approvals.    We use United States Postal Service, UPS and Fedex  for shipping our products. 
LIFE TIME WARRANTY  We feel so confident in our product that Five Star Perforator will provide all our customers with a life time warranty with normal usage.    The interior working components are made from high quality stainless steel to ensure a sharp and long lasting product. USA  delivery
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F Provides a smooth even draw  for your cigar Custom Engraving  for promotional  use. High Quality stainless keeps perforator  from dulling. 5 Easily fit in small change pocket of jeans. Cutter Conís Perforator Proís LIFE TME WARRANTY
No Damage to Cigar Stays Sharp Won’t Break No Tobacco Gets in Mouth Won’t Jam Slide on Key Chain No Waste to Discard Perforates Through Cellophane  Wrap
Damages the Cigar Cutting Edge Dulls Plastic Cutters Break Tobacco Gets in Mouth Tobacco Jams Cutter Bulky to Carry Cigar Unravels Needs Ashtray for Cutting Waste
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